Master Acrylic Glass Photo Board

Master Acrylic Photo Prints

Custom, mounted wall art with an impressive depth effect.

Decorate your home as you wish.

Turn your photo into a work of art

Perfect finishing touch, 3D effects, subtle border with a silver look. Best choice for high-end imaging business for luxury #wedding, home decoration, luxury chain hotels decoration, etc.

Product details

We creates your photo print with clear contours and powerful colors. Mounting the photo under acrylic glass enhances these characteristics and adds a clear sense of depth to your picture. 1.Crystal clear acrylic glass 2.Real photo print & permanently elastic silicone 3.Sturdy aluminum Dibond backing

Ready To Hang: A Wall-Mount For Your Acrylic Photo Print

It standardly arrives with a wall-mount attached on the reverse. Our system is guaranteed to be easy to use; your picture can be securely hung right away. The type of wall-mount is Aluminum Rail Rectangle.